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2016 Session Dates

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First Session 2016: June 21– July 16
Junior Wavus I (2nd to 4th graders only) June 30 – July 9
Second Session 2016: July 19 – August 13
Junior Wavus II (2nd to 4th graders only) July 28 – August 6

See the "Admissions" page for an online application.

Check out the feature article in Maine Magazine for more info on Wavus & Kieve Camps!

Wavus Camp for Girls develops leaders who have a strong sense of self and possess the strength of character necessary to meet the challenges of the world in which they live. Our loving and experienced staff, many of them previous Wavus campers themselves, helps the girls of Wavus  gain confidence while forming lasting friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds. We are  a residential and wilderness tripping summer camp program that offers a wide variety of exciting experiences that shape, stretch, educate and enchant girls ages 8-16.  Wavus has a long history as a camp, and is the sister camp to Kieve Camp for Boys located 4 miles south on Damariscotta Lake.

There's so much to do at Wavus Camp for Girls! Many of our campers return year after year to test themselves and to bond with their cabin mates in our increasingly challenging and completely integrated Wilderness Tripping adventures.  Our girls strive to discover if they have what it takes to swim in the cold Atlantic, hike the famed Mt. Washington, portage the infamous Mud Pond, journey in the wilds of Bigelow Preserve, or traverse the Appalachian Trail.  In the end, each girl discovers that there is more grit and grace in herself than she could have imagined prior to the adventure.

Of course camp is also about the play.  In camp, where our younger campers spend most of their days, the counselors introduce our Wavus ladies to the joy of paddling kayaks, the pleasure of pottery, the exhilaration of the ropes course, the silliness of sock puppets, the intensity of Zumba, the relaxation of yoga and sometimes the zaniness of the bouncy house.  Phew! …and that doesn’t even begin to cover it all. Visit our Daily Program & Activities page to discover more.  If parents find themselves wondering if we might be having too much fun, then worry not.  Educators know the value of fun. According to educator and author Susan Ragsdale, “Nothing creates a safer space for youth to stretch themselves, explore, grow, learn and build relationships than the act of play.” 

Girls currently enrolled in grades 2 through 4 have the option of attending an introductory 10-day session called Junior Wavus if they and their parents feel this would suit them better than the full 26 day program. 

To discover more about us, or to meet the camp director Kirstie Truluck, see our Reunion & Slideshow Schedule

Dates for Summer Camp 2017 are: 1st Session - June 20 - July 15 and 2nd Session July 18 - August 12.


  • Wavus Girls Camp side photo
  • Wavus Girls Camp side photo
  • Wavus Girls Camp side photo