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2016 Session Dates

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First Session 2016: June 21– July 16
Junior Wavus I (2nd to 4th graders only) June 30 – July 9
Second Session 2016: July 19 – August 13
Junior Wavus II (2nd to 4th graders only) July 28 – August 6

See the "Admissions" page for an online application.

Check out the Editor's note from the October issue of Town & Country Magazine about Kieve Camp for Boys and Maine Magazine about Kieve & Wavus Camps!

Wavus Camp for Girls is a residential and wilderness tripping summer camp program for 8-16 year olds. Through our fun, adventurous, non-competitive environment, we develop leaders who have a strong sense of self, and possess the strength of character necessary to meet the challenges of the world they live in. Our incredibly caring and experienced staff helps campers gain confidence while forming lasting friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds. Wavus is a sister camp to Kieve Camp for Boys.

2nd to 4th grade girls coming to the Wavus Camp for Girls for the first time have the option of attending a 10–day Introductory session if they and their parents feel this would suit them better than the full 3–week program.

There's so much to do at Wavus Camp for Girls! Here's a quick list of what happens here:

  • Adventure – wilderness outdoor experience for Wavus Summer Camp Girls: hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, trips!
  • Archery – archery for Wavus Girls Summer Camp teaching shooting techniques
  • Arts – arts and craft activities include ceramics, fiber arts, painting, drawing, leatherwork, needle point, beadwork, jewelry making, and more. boating, kayaking, sea kayaking, canoeing, sailing
  • Girls Camp – Wavus camps are 10 and 26 days long and are open to girls 8–16 years old; Wavus Camp For Girls is awesome, builds leadership, confidence, courage, knowledge, and friendships
  • Cooking & baking classes
  • Counselors – Counselors teach activities, lead on wilderness trips and serve as great mentors for the girls at Wavus camp for girls
  • Crafts – Crafts activities for girls at Wavus include working with wood, leather, clay, fibers, beads, and natural objects.
  • Drama – Drama acitivies and producing many camp skits provide creative opportunities for girls at Wavus camp fgirls, singing, plays, dance,
  • Fishing, spin cast & fly fishing
  • Games – Games at camp are fun everyday before lunch, during an activity period, or after dinner.
  • Hiking – Hiking and backpacking in the woods of Maine and New Hampshire are favorite outdoor activities for the many girls at Wavus
  • Kids – Kids sleepaway overnight camps at Wavus Camp For Girls provide fun and adventure for girls ages 8 through 16
  • Nature – Nature and environmental discovery are fun activities at Wavus: discover nature, hiking, lakes & the ocean
  • Maine – Summer Camp for Girls At Wavus is a great way to spend the summer and make long lasting friendships
  • Outdoors – Activities Outdoors in the northern New England wilderness: ocean swimming, ocean paddling, lobster boat tour, ocean exploration,
  • Pottery, wheels, sculpting, kiln dry art
  • Rafting – Whitewater Rafting, opti-sailing and paddling Maine's rivers at Wavus Summer Camp for Girls
  • Riflery – Riflery including safety and shooting techniques at Wavus Summer Camp for Girls
  • Rock climbing – Indoor rock wall,bouldering and outdoor adventure course are all fun at Wavus
  • Summer camp location – Summer Camp for Girls at Wavus is located on Damariscotta Lake Maine
  • Swimming – Swimming games, swimming lessons, and diverse water activity fun at Wavus
  • Tennis – Tennis, tennis instruction, tennis games, tennis fun at Wavus
  • Woodworking,carving, weaving, wild doughnuts

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Dates for Summer Camp 2017 are: 1st Session - June 20 - July 15 and 2nd Session July 18 - August 12.


  • Wavus Girls Camp side photo
  • Wavus Girls Camp side photo
  • Wavus Girls Camp side photo