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2015 Session Dates

How many days until camp?

First Session '15: June 23 – July 18 88 days!
Junior Kieve First Session '15:
(2nd to 4th graders only)
July 2 – July 11 98 days!
Second Session '15: July 21 – August 15 117 days!
Junior Kieve Second Session '15:
(2nd to 4th graders only)
July 30 – August 8 126 days!

See the "Admissions" page for an online application.

Check out the Editor's note from the October issue of Town & Country Magazine about Kieve Camp for Boys!

First established in 1926, the Boys Camp remains the flagship program at Kieve. Our full session campers range from 8-16 years old while the 10-day Intro program is for 2nd to 4th graders. During our two full 26 day sessions, a total of approximately 240 boys (each session) experience a wide variety of exciting and enjoyable in-camp activities and a set of increasingly challenging wilderness tripping adventures.

Kieve believes that a boy meeting and living with boys from different parts of the world nurtures his social maturity, so we attempt to balance our enrollment by accepting campers from various cities and countries. Knowing that today’s boys encounter competition in many forms during the academic year, at Kieve they can profit from experiences that emphasize cooperation and personal growth for a few short weeks each summer.

The Council is our adult staff who are carefully selected from a pool of tremendously talented young men and women, many of whom were Kieve campers themselves. They provide role models upon which younger boys can truly and beneficially "strive in emulation of."

Boys currently enrolled in grades 2 through 4 have the option of attending an introductory 10-day session called Junior Kieve if they and their parents feel this would suit them better than the full 26 day program.

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Dates for Summer Camp 2016 are: 1st Session - June 21 - July 16 and 2nd Session July 19 - August 13.


  • Kieve Summer Camp For Boys side photo
  • Kieve Summer Camp For Boys side photo
  • Kieve Summer Camp For Boys side photo