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The Leadership School’s Educator’s In Residence Testimonials

From January thru March, The Leadership School Educator-In-Residence (EIR) program is working with 11 schools from Searsport to Kennebunk. Each educator enters his or her school with an open mind and a set of goals and objectives shaped by the needs of the school community, the goals of the administration and the strengths of the educator. Educators and school mentors develop individualized memorandums of understanding that are diverse and include school specific items such as: support healthy classroom behavior, develop after-school play clubs, provide professional development for staff and help students transition between various life stages. Their work plans share commonalities too: to promote positive interactions amongst students, model inclusive behavior for students, model positive language and redirection for teachers, and disseminate TLS messages and language across grade levels. The EIR program furthers the Kieve-Wavus long range goal of deepening and broadening the impact of our programming on the youth in Maine.

sam c wall
Sam Copland
Wavus Assistant Director Challenge Course 2015-16; Wavus Assistant Director CIT Program 2016; The Leadership School Educator 2014-2017; Bowdoin College Alumna

“I am currently working in the classroom with all the 6th and 7th grade students and the Physical Education classes at King Middle School in Portland, Maine.

My primary responsibility at King is to work with the 6th and 7th grade students on a weekly basis in the classroom. They are in school six days a week and one out of those six days is dedicated to each house. For example, I work with Windsor 7 on day 1, Windsor 6 on day 2, York 7 on day 5 and York 6 on day 6. I rotate through each of their classes so at the end of the 10 weeks, each teacher is only giving up one or two of their days. Instead of having their regular curriculum like math or science, they participate in Kieve-Wavus activities – which ranges from team-building to communication skills and identifying and building healthy relationships. For the 7th graders, I am continue the messages they learned at Kieve-Wavus in the fall on campus. For the 6th graders, I am preparing them for when they will be visiting with us in the upcoming fall.

My favorite part is deepening my impact and connection with both students and staff. During my first year at King, I was only working with the York 6th graders. By having the support of those teachers and advocating for myself, I have been able to expand to the entire 6th and 7th grade. I feel very welcomed and supported by all the teachers in the school. And being able to watch my students learn and grow over the course of the past three winters has been incredible. There is such a difference from when I met the current 8th graders as 6th graders and I am so proud of their growth from when I first worked with them

I hope that I will be able to provide students with the necessary tools to become effective members of the King Community and beyond. I work with them each week on a different topic or theme and hope they take away something each time to add to their toolbox. Whether it is something as simple as quieting themselves down or as challenging as stepping up when someone is being bullied, it is my hope that each week and each activity provides opportunity for the students to learn and grow”.

Will Hackett
Kieve Assistant Tripping Director 2014-16; The Leadership School Educator 2011-17, Kieve Council 2007-13; Kieve Alumnus 1999-2004. Muhlenberg College Alumnus.

“I am working with 6, 7, and 8th graders at Memorial Middle School in South Portland, Maine and helping bridge the language barrier with English Language Learner (ELL) program. I work with a group of just boys and the guidance office staff one day a week on the ELL curriculum. I am also helping students with school work in all subjects and serving as a mentor to build community and see similarities in each other.

I am also working with the principal and assistant principal doing restorative justice with students, which means helping facilitate conversations with kids about being kind and respectful, and finding ways to restore and strengthen relationships among students and teachers. Some restorative circles we do are between any number of students, but also sometimes between students and their teachers. I also do some work with the guidance office; checking in with kids on a variety of topics.

My role is to also be a familiar face of Kieve-Wavus at Memorial Middle School and a positive reminder of all the skills they learned when they visited Kieve-Wavus in the fall. I give a lot of ‘high 5’s’ and regularly checking in with kids about their day-to-day”.

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Meet Kieve Alumnus Joseph L. Holliday

11_02 Lawsin Valley


Joe originally hails from New York, NY and attended Kieve as a camper from 1995-1997 and 1999 and Kieve Council from 2002 to 2004.

Joe was a 2006 history major from Princeton University and completed his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School in 2015 (he brought his section to Kieve for a leadership weekend in the fall of 2013). Joe also served in the United States Army from 2006 to 2011 and was deployed overseas serving two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.
Joe attributes his time at Kieve with his ability to lead:

“Kieve gave me a sense of self-confidence that I didn’t have before. I wasn’t the most coordinated or athletic kid at my school, but during my summers at Kieve I became good at things; riflery, sailing, rock climbing and that boosted my confidence. Beyond that, Kieve teaches you to assume that anything that needs fixing is yours to fix – don’t assume someone else will pick up that piece of trash, whether or not you were the one who left it there. Those leadership skills carried into my service in the Army, and in surprisingly specific ways like land navigation and knots during Ranger School! It wasn’t obvious to me at the time, but in retrospect it was important to my development. That thread started at Kieve.”

Joe reminisces:

“Part of the reason why I wanted to come back to Kieve and be a counselor was that it looked like a lot of fun. As a camper, I looked up to my counselors. They were my role models. Being a counselor gave me leadership experience, autonomy, and responsibility for young people, not only their safety but also their growth and happiness. I remember thinking that the trips were tough and my own counselors carried me forward with their spirit and morale and I wanted to do the same. Camp is a highly social environment and a place where I could really trust people to act first and foremost in in the interests of others. I still consider my friends from camp my closest, particularly those who were counselors with me too. Kieve is an environment that builds character and brings out the best in people.”

A Meaningful Experience:

“Writing mid-session letters to parents and then being thanked for helping their kid during the summer was particularly humbling and rewarding.”

Kieve vs. Army

“You would be surprised how much packing out for a wilderness trip is like pre-combat inspections… all the gear laid out and each item marked off on a checklist.”
Joe manages a team of engineers and analysts at Palantir, a data systems company based out of Palo Alto, California. In the office he needs to be a leader for the team, establishing success criteria and ensuring the team has the support it needs to accomplish these goals. Similar to when he was at Kieve, Joe feels responsible for the morale and spirit of his team.

Joe currently resides in San Francisco, CA with his wife and son.

16_10 Pt Reyes

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Kieve-Wavus welcomes Vietnam Veterans and Women Veterans to Camp

As the first official measurable snow fell on the mid-coast in December, the staff at Kieve-Wavus was busy preparing to greet 22 Vietnam Veterans and 12 of their spouses & guests at the Kieve campus in Nobleboro to say “Thanks”.


For the past 7 years, Kieve-Wavus has invited veterans and their families to come to the peaceful shores of Damariscotta Lake free of charge to relax, have fun and more importantly, reconnect with their families and other veterans who may have been in the same military conflict as them.  Kieve-Wavus’ Executive Director Henry Kennedy said, “We are proud and honored to be able to host these friends and brave veterans who gave so much to our country for our freedom”.

These Vietnam Veterans enjoyed activities like pottery, acupuncture, pedicures, haircutting,  rock-climbing, zip-lining, riflery, cribbage, cooking and card games and had great food the whole week!

A few comments from these Vietnam Veterans include:

  • “I can honestly report that my first welcome home from Vietnam came from the staff at Camp Kieve. “ Joe L – Air Force,
  • “I had a tremendous time meeting up with my brothers and making new friends.” Robert H – Marines,
  • “The atmosphere was so relaxing; you couldn’t help but make friends.” William M – Army,
  • “The Kieve crew was great! They were kind, caring, respectful professionals. Keep up the good work!” Philip W – Navy

We also hosted a Women’s Only Veterans Camp in January. These Women Veterans came from all the military branches and from all over the country. Our guests enjoyed many of the same events, activities and delicious food prepared at The KLC and Pasquaney.

Some of the comments include:

  • “What a wonderful camp full of friendship bonding and sharing.” Stacy, US Navy
  • “Warmth and comradery, Kieve feels like home.” Pauline, US Air Force
  • “Thanks for welcoming us to your camp! I loved it and want to come back.” Tabitha, US Air Force

The State of Maine is proud to honor its veterans and their service to our country. As one of the few states with a dedicated recognition program, Maine takes every opportunity to celebrate the courage and sacrifice of our state’s veterans. The State of Maine has established the “Honoring a Veteran” recognition program to recognize our veterans for their military service. Adria O. Horn, Director of the Bureau of Veterans’ Services visited with us and took the opportunity to honor our guests for their service by presenting them with their “Certificates of Appreciation.”  The Certificates read: “We the citizens of the State of Maine, express our sincere appreciation of your sacrifice, courage, and willingness to serve our great state and nation.  We are proud of you and thank you for your contribution to the defense of Freedom.”


Vestal_MichelleAll camps are free of charge to the veterans and their families and are funded by Kieve-Wavus with the support of private donations and corporate grants made by those who deeply appreciate the service that all veterans provided to their country.  Additional donations and support is always welcome. For additional information on all of our veterans camps, please visit

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Share Memories – Give Memories #loyaltyfund


Only 9 more days to give!

We’ve had an amazing response so far, but we can still do more!

We set out to break 150 unique gifts from Kieve-Wavus alumni, and with each memory shared and each friend tagged, we get closer and closer to our goal.
We’ve got this, friends, so as you head home for the holidays, take a few minutes to remember, record, and donate to a REALLY good cause.

You can give any time HERE.

PSss! (Don’t forget that those donating $75 or more will receive a Loyalty Fund gift an awesome KW winter hat!)

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out what some Kieve-Wavus alumni have been sharing on the KW Blog.

But, in case you forgot –

We want you to share a memory!
1. We want you to hark as hard as you can back to your days as either a camper or counselor.
2. Share it via Facebook or Instagram with #loyaltyfund and @KieveWavus tagged.
3. At the end of your memory, tag and challenge a few friends to get them to share their memory.

Cheers & Thank YOU!

Sam, Cory, Connor, Amaury, Emma & Margaret

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Margaret Tucker — Share Memories – Give Memories #loyaltyfund

Give today!

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Tis the season – Give your hearts out

Share Memories - Give Memories

Share Memories – Give Memories

The first “real” snow of the season has just fallen, and the end of West Neck Road and Wavus Point are looking gorgeous! The Leadership School’s 2016 programming is coming to an end and we’re reviewing applications for the next wave of Kieve-Wavus counselors. However, we’ve still got some work to do!

We’ve set a pretty lofty goal of 150 unique gifts from Kieve-Wavus alumni by the end of the year. That said, 2015 was a banner year, so why can’t 2016 blow it out of the water? You can donate any time HERE.

Did we mention that those donating $75 or more will receive a Loyalty Fund gift? Oh, they’re just stunning Kieve & Wavus winter hats, not a big deal at all…we digress…

A huge ‘thank you’ to all that came out for the Holiday Bar Crawl and donated last weekend! Check out all the fun in the Loyalty Fund Facebook group HERE.

We’ve got one more thing to ask of all of you. We want you to share a memory. We want you to hark as hard as you can back to your days as either a camper or counselor, and share it via Facebook or Instagram. At the end of your memory, tag a few friends to get them to share their memory, and so on.

Our memories are what we held dear during the school year between summers, and now they’re priceless. So, let’s share our memories, and give some amazing kids the opportunity to create their own.

Here’s a recap:

  1. Share a micromemory via Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #loyaltyfund
  2. They can be from your time as a camper or counselor and can be filmed wherever you please
  3. Tag two to three friends along with Kieve-Wavus and ask them to share their micromemory and donate!
  4. Wash, rinse, repeat & send kids to camp!

Happy Holidays,

Sam, Cory, Connor, Amaury, Emma & Margaret


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Check out these 2 Leadership School EIR Testimonials

The winter Educator in Residence program has continued to provide an optimal way of deepening our impact in a select number of school communities. We have continued to expand the scope of The Leadership School impact by serving each EIR school and community for ten weeks in the winter. The role of the Educator in Residence is tailored to meet each school’s needs, as each school works with us to create a memorandum of understanding that outlines the goals and objectives of the program. We selected the nine schools based on each school communities demonstration of a high level to commitment and enthusiasm to the mission of the Leadership School. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW

EIR Testimonial Letters 0416

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